About Us

Private Equity Jobs was founded by an executive recruiter who has focused on the Private Equity and Hedge Fund market for over ten years. He has owned his own firm for the past seven years which specializes in the Financial Services Industry, with emphasis on the Private Equity and Hedge Fund markets.

Market Experienced CEO 
During his ten years of experience he has completed searches for a wide range of firms, from small emerging fund management companies to multi-billion dollar shops. He has worked with almost every strategy in the private equity and hedge fund space.

He has recruited, every role in the front office including Partners, Portfolio managers, Analyst and Sales and Marketing Professionals. He has also recruited for most infrastructure roles including, Fund Accountant, Controller, CFO, CCO, COO and CRO.

He has also used his expertise in the industry to provided operational consulting services to a few select clients to help them achieve their goal of building an investment management firm. He has typically consulted with emerging managers or professionals looking to leave their present role and start their own fund.

It is due to knowledge he has accumulated during these 10 plus years of private equity and hedge fund experience that he believes a career destination website like PrivateEquityJobs.com is needed in today’s increasingly web-focused job marketplace. As the market is moving faster than ever before and today’s professionals are trying to take control of their futures, his hope is that this website will enable them to do that.

Confidential Membership
Private Equity Jobs is a confidential membership service developed solely for entry level to experienced professionals in the Private Equity and Hedge Fund markets who are either actively pursuing a new position or aggressively managing their career development.

Sourcing Candidates
Our site enables Hiring Firms and Recruiters to efficiently source the type of professionals that meet their job criteria. Our Candidates are uniquely qualified entry level to experienced executives in the Private Equity and Hedge Fund markets who pay a fee to participate in our Community.

Unique Candidate Services
Our focus is on saving our busy Candidates time by providing them with access to targeted jobs solely in the Private Equity and Hedge Funds markets. All communications with them are electronic - via access to our password protected web site or through E-Mail or Blackberry formatted messages.

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