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It’s truly a dynamic world that we all live in, especially when it comes to managing your career. Private Equity Jobs was created to provide an informative web site with broad community features exclusively for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Professionals. The site is meant to be an online career destination for those individuals presently working in these jobs or those wanting to join this lucrative field.

Our Primary Mission
We have a limited amount of time and resources that we can invest in our Candidate relationships. But having said that, our goal is to do all that we can to ensure that you are presented with unique and informative content that will inform and educate you, provide you with the ability to participate in online Webinars (conference calls with presentations) and most importantly, provide you with access to the highest caliber of Private Equity and Hedge Fund jobs.

Specific Goals:

  • To provide you with the highest caliber of job opportunities, enabling you to easily view and conduct a targeted search. Specific Job Titles include: Analyst, Associate, Trader Principals, Portfolio Managers, Traders and Partners. As well as more Senior Roles with the Accounting, Operations, Technology and Compliance Departments.
  • To educate you the Candidate on the job search process and on the industry and specific job function you are targeting in your search.
  • Prepare you as a Candidate for the interviewing process, what to expect, how to respond to specific Q&A processes, your background, career aspirations, compensation, etc.
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