Land Interviews with a Well-Written Résumé

In this day and age, everything is automated, out-sourced, and key-word optimized. Many employers now use automated résumé processing that scans for keywords, usually contained in the job description. This means that in your job search, your résumé must appeal to computers and live human beings. As if résumé writing weren’t stressful enough.

A well-written résumé, tailored to the specific job’s requirements and duties, can go a long way towards being picked up by the systems instead of filed in the ‘Trash’ folder. But that’s just the first step in the whole process. You must also remember that real human beings do look at your résumé and, in most cases, they print it out and hand it over to the hiring manager. From that moment forward, the content and organization of your résumé becomes critical.
Unfortunately, many dynamic and capable professionals fail to land their dream jobs because their résumés do not communicate their skills and potential. What is the difference between a great résumé and an average one? More importantly, how do you know if your résumé is working for you? Your résumé — the powerful centerpiece of your whole job search — needs to be a work of verbal and visual art. Hiring a professional résumé writer can give you the edge that gets you the job. It gives you three huge advantages over going it alone:

  1. It’ll save you hours and hours and hours of time! As professionals who do this full-time, résumé writers have the skills and experience to knock out killer résumés efficiently, saving you time and energy. As with most job searches, time is of the essence and you don’t always have weeks on end to prepare an effective résumé. Professional résumé writers can deliver a fabulous, accurate résumé in record time.
  2. They know what employers are looking for. To be perfectly honest, your résumé only has a few seconds to tell the employer why they should hire you. A résumé pro knows how to get your key selling points across quickly and clearly.
  3. A professional can give you an objective look at your qualifications. Even if you are an excellent writer, writing about yourself is not easy. Even though you know yourself better than anyone, it’s almost impossible to be objective in this situation. A professional résumé writer is on your side and also knows the tricks of the trade. They can easily tell you which attributes to accentuate and which weakness should recede into the background.

A professional, effective résumé can be your window into an exciting new position or career. On that note, a résumé writer’s fee is a miniscule investment into your future. Whether you’re a new college graduate or a seasoned professional, a résumé writer can arm you with a powerful résumé that gets you the job.

Lauren Randa Hasson, President & Founder
The Résumé Girl - Landing a job requires more than credentials alone!

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