Networking is more than ‘Nine to Five’

When it comes to networking and job hunting, you never know when opportunity will strike. On the subway, on the plane, at the gym, you never know when you might meet someone—face to face—that could open up a door for you. As long as humans live, travel, shop, and interact, opportunities to make your big break could show up in the oddest places. The last thing you want is to leave empty handed.

My first line of advice to any future or current professional is to ‘get carded.’ What do I mean by this? Every professional needs business cards to build relationships and develop their personal network. But what if you’re still in school, or just starting out? Personal Networking Cards can make the most of those coincidental meetings that just might give your career a crucial nudge.
And I should know because I found out — the hard way — why these cards are so crucial to your job search. During my senior year at Duke, I was on a flight from San José, CA to Austin, TX, and I found myself sitting next to the Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Google. Even at my youthful stage, I recognized the opportunity and seized it. Soon I found myself having a fantastic conversation with this very influential gentleman.

hen we landed, he said, “I really enjoyed talking with you and would like to keep in touch — do you have a card?” I was speechless. Of course, I didn’t have a card because I was only a senior in college. Why would a senior in college need a ‘card’? In an effort to salvage the opportunity, I wrote down my name and number on an airline napkin. However, to this day, he has never contacted me. I don’t blame him — I wouldn’t have contacted me either! You must always be prepared and Personal Networking Cards allow you to work all the time, even if you aren’t a member of the working world.

However, Personal Networking Cards are not just for students. If you are looking for a new job and you meet a valuable contact while waiting to check out at the grocery store, handing them your business card might not send the greatest message. Also, you don’t want to annoy your current boss with incoming calls from potential employers. A Personal Networking Card with a private phone number and a permanent e-mail address is a truly professional way to pursue a new position out in the world. They are a valuable networking tool that won’t create an awkward situation.

The moral of the story is you just never know when opportunity is going to knock. Don’t find yourself in a situation like mine! You have to be prepared. Personal Networking Cards are easily attained and will allow you to seize even the most unexpected opportunities.

Lauren Randa Hasson, President & Founder
The Résumé Girl - Landing a job requires more than credentials alone!

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