Press Release - March 26, 2008

NyamiNyami Holdings, LLC Launches for Hedge Fund and Private Equity Market

Austin, Texas, March 26 – NyamiNyami Holdings, LLC, the emerging market leader in niche job portals for the Private Equity and Hedge Fund markets is announcing the launch of Private Equity Jobs, the first site in a planned network of Alternative Investment Job Sites. The site is a dedicated recruiting resource for the Private Equity and Hedge Fund industries, facilitating communication and interaction between Candidates, Hiring Firms and Service Providers.

“Our market analysis indicated a need for a dedicated resource for Candidates, Hiring Firms, Recruiters and Professional Firms that provides a focused and secure community for all stakeholders, ensuring interests are aligned in a manner that drives business success for all parties,” said Simms Browning, CEO of Private Equity Jobs. “The Internet has become one of the primary methods for communication and research for firms and candidates and niche web sites are continuing to dominate the online job search market, with approximately 64% of all job searches.”

“Private Equity Jobs is a fee based site for all parties to drive and maintain the highest standards. Each and every candidate is rigorously vetted by our staff to ensure we are providing candidates to hiring firms that are well qualified for positions in the Private Equity and Hedge Fund Markets. This enables all visitors to access and utilize our web site with confidence. Our branding and positioning is very focused on providing a secure, information rich and credible web site that facilitates high quality and cost effective communications among all parties.”

“This is a first generation launch of our web site - we wanted to get to market with our basic core services and then add much more content targeted towards candidates, including educational articles about market dynamics, career advice, online interactive Webinars (seminars), Q&A sessions with industry luminaries, Salary/Compensation Surveys and much more. We have a newsletter sign up page in place, enabling both registered and prospective members to receive upcoming announcements about new features, upcoming webinars and career opportunities.”

About Private Equity Jobs

 Private Equity Jobs was founded by an executive recruiter with more than ten years of experience in the Private Equity and Hedge Fund market. Our business focus is on providing a collaborative and consultative approach to our clients, candidates and business partners, with strict adherence to ethical recruitment practices and confidentiality standards that are the highest in our industry. Our web sites are developed utilizing the latest in Open Source and Database technology, enabling us to provide a highly automated review and approval process for all parties. All communications with us are treated as highly privileged confidential communications. Private Equity Jobs is the first of a network of niche job sites all focused on the Alternative Investment industry that are being developed by NyamiNyami Holdings, LLC, the parent corporation for Private Equity Jobs. For more information: 1-866-656-6287 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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