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Resumes for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Space

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

As we have discussed in previous blogs your reputation is extremely important in the close knit community of Private Equity and Hedge Funds.  But what if you are applying to a position and no one in the firm knows who you are? Then a properly worded and crafted resume becomes extremely important.

A well written and composed resume can be the difference between being asked in for an interview or having your resume put in the do not call pile.  The tough thing about creating your resume is there is no one perfect answer in regards to what a resume should look like. However certain styles seem to work better for particular industries and in some cases the preferred resume style may even vary by the roles within the industry.

The typical resume in the Private Equity and Hedge fund space consists of one page and is written in one continuous font and with very little formatting involved.  Your name and the name of you employers may be bold but otherwise there are very few changes.  The resume should also be written in bullet point format with each bullet point being a concise, action oriented comment about your position. 

Although I am not a resume expert, as an executive recruiter I have seen thousands of resumes during my career and I do have a key few points which I believe are very important:

  • Concise bullet point descriptions, action oriented descriptions of your responsibilities
  • No spelling or grammatical mistakes - mistakes express a non detail oriented person
  • Ideally one page
  • Make the resume easy to read, line up company and title as well as the date on opposite side of page
  • If you are coming from an investment banking program, a deal sheet should accompany any resumes you send out
  • If you have any discretionary Portfolio Management duties make sure to include your most recent returns numbers, I would also suggest you have another sheet with your performance number for at least the last 5 years including how they compare to your benchmark
  • Make sure to include any awards you have received from either your employer or peers

Because a resume is such an essential component as one tries to advance their career, has decided to team up with an experienced and knowledgeable resume writer who has direct experience in the alternative investment field.

“TheResumeGirl” possesses hands on expertise in this field. She worked as an analyst for an investment banking analyst program as an analyst before joining a large Hedge Fund and has has written hundreds of financial resumes for professionals in the field. She therefore knows exactly what these firms look for in a resume, and is ready to help them find that in your resume. She will be a regular contributor to this blog and hopefully she will write some articles for our newsletter.   Her first blog, coming this Monday, we believe will be a tremendous help for those students interested in entering this field. looks forward to working with The Resume Girl in the future.