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Tips for Working with Recruiters

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

1. Always accept a recruiter’s call unless you have previously spoken with the recruiter and were not impressed with them. Even in this case I would take a few minutes to listen to the opportunity as it could be that dream job you have been waiting for.  If you are not able to talk at the moment of the call, let the recruiter know you are busy and have them call you back in 5 minutes or you can call them back when you are free.

2. Identify and get to know a few recruiters you respect and feel comfortable with and become a valuable recruiting tool for them.  Offer them leads on possible candidates and introduce them to your associates if you are not interested in a particular opportunity. A large part of most recruiter’s compensation derives from their ability to close searches. If you work with them and provide leads you are positively affecting their bottom line which they will remember.

3. If you have not been contacted by a recruiter but identify a job posting on a niche site such as and are interested in the posting follow the instructions that the recruiter has provided in the job posting. Helping the recruiter understand why you are the one for the specific position is extremely important and will be greatly appreciated by the recruiter.  Even with a niche job board the recruiter may receive a large number of resumes and you want your email/resume to stick out and grab their attention.

4. Have an open and honest conversation with the recruiter when they follow up with you about your resume. Answer their questions to the best of your ability and make sure you stress the most important qualities you are looking for in a new role. If the recruiter asks about compensation, be frank with them and let them know not only what you are presently making-both base and bonus- but as well what you want to make in your next role.  If you do not know what a competitive compensation number is for a role, ask the recruiter their professional opinion. Most professional recruiters will already have a good idea of your compensation and can offer you advice about how well you are paid compare to your peers. 

5. Always demand to be told where your resume/credentials will be sent before the recruiter submits them. Be open with the recruiter about firms where you may have already submitted your information. As a candidate the recruiter is just one of the many channels you are using to effectively search for a new job and you do not want your channels to cross it looks unprofessional for both parties. It is alright to work with multiple recruiters although do not be surprised if some recruiters are turned off by this.

Keep in mind that even though a recruiter might not be able to help you with your current job search, a good relationship with the recruiter may bring you your next great opportunity.  Having good relationships with recruiters in your industry keeps an extra set of eyes out there watching and monitoring the job market for you.  Having a network of recruiters you trust and respect is always an intelligent and professional idea especially in today’s quick changing job marketplace.